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About Third Space Mentors

Our proprietary curriculum and focus on mentorship make us the top choice in tutoring services for your child. We've developed this program after more than ten years of experience and with input from a learning specialist, allowing us to integrate key academic and executive function training methods into a personalized tutoring or prep program tailored to meet your child's needs specifically.

This process always begins with an in-home consultation. This allows us to evaluate your student academically, identify any special needs or learning disabilities (including AD/HD and Asperger's Syndrome), and learn about their personality and interests. From there, we match a mentor with your child based on availability and likelihood of forming a lasting bond.

Our mission

We view academics as a context for mentorship. We believe that mentors and personalized attention will not only elevate your child academically, but also more broadly in life skills. That's why our staff will always come to you, whether it's for in-home sessions or sessions at the student's favorite coffee shop, and will always include parents in extensive post-session reports in order to build a supportive team.

Our mentors will not shy away from accommodating special needs and learning disabilities, as well. Whether your child has AD/HD and has trouble focusing on their work, or is working hard to stay at the top of their class, our mentors will have the skills to guide and aid them through any of our service programs.

Third Space Mentors is also one of few sources that offers Executive Function Training. We believe that the skills developed in this kind of brain training are beneficial to academic tutoring, and so mentors use this method synergistically with more familiar tutoring methods.

The results are undeniable. We have a long list of satisfied families and testimonials. Students come away from our program with better test scores, higher admissions rates, improved grades, and the tools to be confident and successful throughout the rest of their lives.

Mentors who care

We only hire staff that's both highly motivated and well trained. Many have completed a master's degree or higher, and most are already teachers. All of them have a valuable focus in education or psychology, as well as a caring attitude and a desire to help students become the best they can be. Our extensive training program ensures mentors have practical experience utilizing our methods.

In order to hire and retain the best staff, we offer an income that is 50% more than the market rate. We want to engender a strong mentoring relationship that can help your student throughout their academic career, including times of academic transition, such as graduating from middle school to high school. These can be difficult times for students, and having a consistent source of mentorship can make all the difference.

A long term mentoring relationship will also further individualize your child's tutoring. Mentors will be able to better anticipate academic needs, and not only be able to develop a personalized plan from the start, but also adjust that plan specifically for the student.

Our Services:

  • Test Prep

    We offer a full range of programs to cover preparing your student to take exams for private middle schools and high schools (the ISEE or the SSAT) as well as those for college admissions (the ACT or the SAT). The average course is recommended to be 8 weeks long, but this time can be tailored to your student's needs.

  • Academic Coaching

    Our tutoring services cover a broad range of subjects for comprehensive content specific education. This program is highly personalized, and with the right mentor, can last as many years as your child needs.

  • Executive Function Training

    This service offers a process-based approach to education, because teaching a child the skills associated with HOW to learn are just as important as instructing them in academic content. This teaches students of any age or ability to effectively utilize concentration, time management, task completion, and error-checking strategies.

Our uniquely effective program will not only boost your student's grades, testing results, and admissions, but will give them the tools and confidence to not only succeed, but to truly shine. Contact us today to set up an in-home consultation and find the right mentor for your child.
  • What Our Clients Are Saying

    “My daughter, Caroline, had an excellent experience working with Adam in preparation for the SSAT. He was extremely professional and had a comprehensive plan to prepare her in the time we had available. His thorough knowledge of the SSAT and the different strategies to employ helped our daughter achieve an excellent score. She became so much more familiar with the test which only increased her confidence. In addition, Adam was very personable and Caroline found him very easy to work with. We are very happy we worked with Adam and would highly recommend him to anyone needing a tutor.”

    - Jessica P.

  • What Our Clients Are Saying

    “Adam came to work with our three children ages 13, 11 and 10 this past Fall when we chose to apply all three of them to private school. He would arrive at our house on time, with a smile, each week and the kids really looked forward to working with him. He taught them useful tips and strategies which definitely helped their confidence in the required tests and their overall results. Our oldest improved her SSAT score by 25% We felt he went the extra distance to really understand their individual learning styles and it has made all the difference. We are most grateful for Adam’s support in this process.”

    - Sheila M. Hingham, MA

  • What Our Clients Are Saying

    "As someone who tutors herself, I can say with confidence that Adam is an outstandingly skilled & effective executive function coach. He models what he coaches: he is kind and patient without shying from the hard stuff; he is reliable, organized, and consistently oriented toward ensuring the priorities for a particular session are met; he pays attention to context, and helps his students understand (and feel empowered to work with) lifestyle factors that impact their performance; and he always ties more complex goals and practices back to the basics that enable them. I came to him struggling with personal & professional time management, and an incipient work project beyond the scope of what I knew how to plan for; I came away with a raise and the tools to build on it. I cannot recommend his services and example highly enough. "

    - Jane N.

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